Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter of the Bloc 8406 of thanks
to 50 Personalities

of the Charter 77 Movement

Mr Václav Havel
Mr Rudolf Battěk,
Mr Jiří Gruntorád,
Mrs Dana Němcová,
and the 46 other Personalities of the Charter 77 Movement.

Viet Nam, 2 June 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The signatories of the “Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam on 08 April 2006” and those who are wishing and fighting all over the world for the human rights, freedom and democracy in our country are very delighted at your 23-May-2006 letter of support.

The Charter 77 Movement, of that you were the members, was a important event of the modern history, because this democratic opposition movement contributed to bring about the collapse of the Communist government of Czechoslovakia in 1989. It has been a great inspiration to all fighters of freedom on the world and now is a stimulus for us to make a revendication of the human and civil rights in our Country.

Your experience and your exemple in your struggle for liberty as well as your support and your help for our struggle give us the hope of realizing in Vietnam the resounding Velvet Revolution that you carried out in Czechoslovakia.

In the meanwhile, by standing side by side with us in our fight against the communist despotism, you are helping us to claim that Vietnam’s government comply with its legal obligations as a signatory to the International Covenants on human rights, as you claimed that Czechoslovakia’s government comply with its legal obligations as a signatory to the Helsinki Accords.

We thank you for determination of standing side by side with us in this struggle.

Yours sincerely,
Provisional Representatives of the 1.250 Members in Việt Nam
of the Bloc 8406 :
Hoàng Minh Chính, Hà Nội. Đỗ Nam Hải, Sài Gòn.
Trần Anh Kim, Thái Bình. Nguyễn Văn Lý, Huế.