Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter of thanks of the Bloc 8406
to the Group 50
of the US Congresswomen and Congressmen
on 31 May 2006
To Mrs Loretta Sanchez, representative of the Group 50
and Each Member of the Group 50
of the Congresswomen and Congressmen
of the House of Representatives of the USA.

Việt Nam, 31 May 2006

Honourable Mrs Loretta Sanchez and Congresswomen and Congressmen,

Your 30-May-2006 open letter of support for the Vietnamese fighters who signed the “Appeal for Freedom of Political Associations on 06 April 2006” and the “Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam on 08 April 2006” has caused a great joy not only to the signatories but also to those who are wishing and fighting all over the world for the human rights, freedom and democracy in our country.

Your open letter also has encouraged us who every day face the risk of being harassed, silenced, even gaoled by an regime well-known as an enemy, even a predator of all freedoms.
You have reminded the communist authorities of Vietnam that the repression against citizens who peacefully express theirs opinions and standpoints will provoke a great disaster to the authorities and to our very country in this era of globalization, globalization of the laws and values of the democracy.

In sum, by continually expressing the concern and the watch for the present situation of Vietnam and by reacting promptly, positively, favourably to our Appeal and Manifesto, you and yours colleagues have clarified the justice of our fight for freedom and democracy of our people.

We thank you for your determination of standing with us in this struggle through your 09-May-2006 open letter and specially through your very precious 30-May-2006 open letter.
Yours sincerely,

Provisional representatives of the 1.250 members in Việt Nam of the Bloc 8406 :

Hoàng Minh Chính, Hà Nội.
Đỗ Nam Hải, Sài Gòn.
Trần Anh Kim, Thái Bình.
Nguyễn Văn Lý, Huế.